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In this moment of crisis, the Russian investors represent a great opportunity. Starting from this
consideration we in the Dolomiti Casa have gained the desire to discover a new market, the most
active and dynamic in order to offer the italian valuable buildings starting from what the Russians
look for in Italy.
Broadly, we can say that the Russians buy in popular areas. The most popular areas are the Sea
(Sardinia, Liguria, Tuscany, Sicily, Calabria. Preferably with direct access to the sea). Lake (lake
Como, Lake Garda, Lake Maggiore). Mountain (Trentino / Alto Adige almost everything - Cortina.) In
spas. We also had a request for a vineyard with wine cellar, the buyer in this case had the pleasure of
producing the its wine to offer it to friends.
the type of request is :
1 . Villas, country houses , farmhouses, with large grounds of relevance, in the area known but
reserved ( especially to keep their privacy). Better if the property is in good condition and if the
finish is fine . They like the pool and the tennis court or the ability to carry them out . If seaside
town is a plus direct access to the sea.
2 . residences, hotels or facilities with more housing units with outdoor spaces ( playgrounds,
swimming .. ) and health area for a group of friends.
3 . prestigious apartments and penthouses in large cities world-renowned in the center and with
the possibility of a guardian .
It's important for them to have a contact in that area (on payment ) to guard and take care of the
It's fundamental the location of the property, shall be located in a clean and well cared for (they
tend to exclude villas or homes in a beautiful environment clean and not shabby, did not like to
come out of the house and be in a non- decent ) .
If the property is historic and has a history is certainly a point in its favor.
Buyers are often successful entrepreneurs or managers , they usually do not move personally, but
delegate the search to someone they trust (eg assistant or secretary ) .
The Russians are very suspicious in Italy and gain confidence little by little , they want clear secure
answers, they prefer to deal with people professionally groomed , a single misinformation would
lead them to abandon the deal.
When they buy, they do so with knowledge of the facts properly after comparing prices and visited
several properties , this to make sure that the choice you are about to make is the right one .
Thus was born the “MyLuxuryHouse” new fund of the Dolomiti Casa that only deals with luxury
We in the Dolomiti Casa through our industry “MyLuxuryHouse” we are to meet the demands of the
Russians who are looking for premium properties in Italy or exclusive residences for two years we
are present in sector fairs in Moscow, we have developed several contacts with Russian colleagues
with whom we partnership agreements.

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